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Mittwoch, 26. April 2017
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Heike Marquardt
For a reply you need my mail address: Thank you.

Heike Marquardt
I wrote this message today to: '' Greetings from Berlin to Ognian Stefanov Unfortunately the mail was refused. Can you help to deliver the message, please? Thank you. Dear ladies an gentlemen, this was my message from Nov. 18, 2008 to which I send again today: "Dear Alexander, my name is Heike Marquardt, I live in Berlin, Germany. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the brutal attack upon your colleague Ognian Stefanov. I attended the International Journalist's Seminar with him 20 years ago, and was hoping that you would be able to pass this message onto him from me. Thank you for your help on this matter. Dear Ogi, I was shocked and saddened to hear about the brutal attack upon you in September, I heard about the attack from a radio report on the situation in Bulgaria on Sunday. We met 20 years ago at the International Journalist's Seminar in Moscow and all had a great time. I hope that you, your wife and daughters are able to move forward with your lives after this terrible incident, and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. I have been working for the past 18 years as the Commissioner for Integration in Berlin-Lichtenberg, and my son Stephan, if you remember him, is studying as a bio-physicist and is still playing the violin. I am thinking about you at this difficult time, and I know that many people think of you as a courageous journalist and wish you all the best. Yours Heike Marquardt" Unfortunately I never got a reply. Today my Bulgarian friend Smiliana gave me the newspaper "Tornado", where I found the mail address and the name of Ognian Stefanov. I try again with this mail address. Perhaps I get a reply now. It can also be in Russian. Thank you. Wishing you all the best and kind regards Heike Marquardt

Zhdankin Nikolay
To President of Bulgarian republic Mr. Rosen Plevneliev OPEN LETTER Dear Mr. President! We are writing to you because of your several last statements regarding to friendly relationship with Russia and your whishes to develop collaboration between our nations. We hope it was not only nice words but you really worry about Bulgarian national identity. To make long story short. 2009 was Bulgarian year in Russia. Numerous events aimed on relationships development were organized all over Russia. We attended one of these events which were held by “Bulgarian Home” magazine together with OOD “Virtus”, they introduced possibilities of investments to Bulgarian Black Sea real estate. Bulgarian Embassy in Russian and personally Ambassador joined this event and were like guarantors of these investments. I and my wife dream about owned apartment near a sea, to allow our grandchildren swim whole summer holidays in Black Sea. In June 2009 we arrived to Bulgarian Sunny Beach in order to buy apartments. We have chosen Apartment № 5В5 in «Victoria Residence» (Sunny Beach), which are owned by OOD “Polo Commerce” and concluded purchase pre-agreement. We were notified in written form about clean title of the property. Based on all mentioned above we paid full price of property in amount of 65,000 Euro till November 2009 (it was almost all saving of our family) and were waiting for title registration. However title registration was not done in spite of our strong requirements. Later we understood that apartment bought by us was under mortgage which is not matured till now. So our Bulgarian counteragent misled us regarding clean title of property and provide us with wrong information about possibility of title registration. Now after 3 years the property is still under mortgage of Polo Commerce. Title registration is not possible now due to risk of Polo Commerce bankruptcy. We put into Sofia court against Polo Commerce our claim on remuneration in March 2011. Legal proceedings were very long and only on 5 April 2012 we finally received court decisions called Polo Commerce to pay back full price and fees. Unfortunately this decisions were not executed till now. As we understand now situation is very sensitive as Polo Commerce is under bankruptcy and they can not pay their commitment. As a result we could not get our money back in spite of full performance of obligations on the agreement from our side and court decisions. Early Polo Commerce said about possibility of their bankruptcy if we put into court our requirements so it looks for us as false bankruptcy and fraud i.e. criminal offence. After all mentioned above we have very negative view about business of our Bulgarian partners. We guess they thought about fraud from the beginning. We are not along here in Russia a lot of people were cheated in several last years. And all these possible as a result of your not perfect legislation which allows selling of property under mortgage without buyer notification. It seems like fraud is legal in your country! It is a pity to us that everything so occurred. After all my grandfather Zhdankin Grigory Ivanovich was at war for liberation of Bulgaria in 1944 and even received for these fights the Medal «For courage». I think, actions of the Bulgarian party do not add some new positive paints in the relations between our nations, moreover they obviously destroy our long-term friendship. We asked support from Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Bulgaria in Russia Mr. Plamen Grozdanov but without any result. Now Embassy is saying that it is our personal issue and we should solve by ourselves. How it possible if Embassy participate in event aimed on increasing foreign investments in Bulgarian real estate and was some type of guarantor of such deals. Dear Mr. President, based on all above we have following petition to you consist from 3 parts: 1. Could you help us to execute decisions of Bulgarian courts and reimburse full price of property and fees? 2. Stop fraud from Bulgarian partners which destroys friendly relationships between our nations. 3. Initiate changes in Bulgarian legislation and restrict to sell properties under mortgage. I believe this will increase trust in Bulgarian investments. Thank you in advance, Sincerely yours, Russian citizens – buyers: Zhdankina Tamara, PhD, Member of Russian Academia Zhdankin Nikolay. 15/1 – 3, Prishvina, Moscow, Russia, 127549 Phone: +7 495 228-74-71.

Ivaylo Naydenov
Geehrte Damen und Herren, Ich will ueber einen unangenehmen, sogar schrecklichen Fall berichten. Gestern 08.11. kamen Kollegen aus Deutschland. Am Flughafen Sofia haben sie ein Taxi genommen. Als sie in Novi Iskar kamen, zeigte die Taxiuhr die Summe von 143.99 Lv gezeigt (4,90 Euro pro Km). Sie behaupten, das einzelne Taxi am Flughafen denommen zu haben. Meinen Sie, dass sinnvoll waere wieder mal ueber dieses Problem zu sreiben. Danke! Mit freundlichen Gruessen Dr. Ivaylo Naydenov

Business & Wellnesscoach Marti
Ich bitte um Hilfe: Weltmarktführender Wellnesskonzern (gesunde Ernährung-Nahrungsergänzung & Körperpflege)expandieren nach Bulgarien. Wir suchen Vertriebspartner in Bulgarien oder Personen welche Kontakte nach Bulgarien, Rumänien oder arabischen Emirate haben. Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe! oder!

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